This Virginia city has everything a history buff could ask for

Head to this city just south of Richmond, Virginia, and step into the days of old. Petersburg, Virginia, is home to history showcases of all shapes and sizes, from big machines to beautiful houses.

All of us at The Southern Weekend love a hidden gem, and we think we’ve found one in the adorable and history-rich Petersburg, Virginia.

This city, just 25 miles south of Richmond, Virginia, is a history lover’s delight. It played an important role in the American railroad boom, the Civil War, the Civil Rights movement and just about every other major era. And the best part is so much of the city is well preserved and prime for a weekend adventure.

We recently had the chance to road trip through two major historical highlights.

First up, we had to visit the Keystone Truck and Tractor Museum. It’s a showcase for the industrious workers of America, and everything that they’ve built. Curator Alan “Bones” Stones gave us a tour of some of the amazing machines that keep America running. You can see everything from mass produced vintage tractors to concept models, classic cars, antique firetrucks, custom flatbeds, and so much more. If you thought there was only one shape or size of tractor, think again! The variety is truly stunning.

We couldn’t leave without stopping at the Weston Plantation, though.  It’s a perfectly preserved display of Georgian architecture, built in 1789. For context, that’s just 13 years after we told the British to take a hike. Everything about the construction of this place reflects the area it was built in. Back in Colonial times, the rivers were the roads, so the back of the house actually faces the street, while the front of the house overlooks the river.

The house features tons of cool details from the era like dumbwaiters, rope beds and false windows but get this—Weston Plantation was attacked during the Civil War. A Union gunboat fired upon the house and a live cannonball was eventually found in the walls… in the 1970s! Ghosts of fallen soldiers are said to haunt the grounds, but that doesn’t seem to keep anyone from enjoying the beautiful grounds.

You can walk through the house and learn those stories as well as many others from those who occupied the grounds. Or you can just sit back and admire the original detailing throughout the home. Either way, don’t miss Weston Plantation and all the rest of Petersburg, Virginia on your next Southern Weekend.

This content was created in partnership with Petersburg Area Regional Tourism.