This urban park is so big it’s home to a herd of buffalo

You don't have to travel out west to meet a buffalo. You just have to head to Shelby Farms Park. This park is so big it has buffalo, zip lines, horse trails, fishing lakes, and everything else you could ever want.

Out amongst the homes and neighborhoods of eastern Memphis, you’ll find Shelby Farms Park. This massive public park is where Memphis comes to play and exercise, or even ride.

One of the largest urban parks in the country, it’s open 365 days a year and houses stables for horses, trails, and 4,500 acres of green space.

Think the winter is the off season? Think again!  There’s no bad day to experience the park. December is actually on of the busiest times of year with the Christmas light display, and there are always festivals, concerts and other events year round.

Every inch of the massive park is an opportunity for an adventure. You can find everything from the thrill a zip line to relaxing fishing ponds, and of course a massive dog park for your four-legged best friend.

For our visit, we decided to hop on a bike – definitely fastest and easiest way to get around that much acreage. As long as you’ve got your bike, there’s nothing stopping you from exploring! The Green Line is an unused rail line that connects you from Cordoba to the heart of Memphis. You can mountain bike, trail ride, or just cruise around the lakes. If you’re feeling particularly ambitious, there’s even a network of bike trails that will take you all the way to Arkansas.

What makes Shelby Farms truly unique, though, isn’t what you can do here, but what you can see. When you’ve got as much space as Shelby Farms Park, why not bring in a herd of buffalo? About 30 years ago, the park superintendent had an opportunity to bring them in, and they’ve been a fixture ever since.

I mean, how many bike rides have you gone on that ended with a view of a herd of buffalo? It was definitely a first for us.