This market serves up 25K pounds of crab in a single week

Tony's Seafood is a Baton Rouge institution. Three generations have served up the freshest seafood around with a secret spice recipe.

New York City may be the deli capital of the country but none of those places have 5,000 pounds of live catfish in them. Nor do they serve up 25,000 pounds of crab a week. At Tony’s Seafood you’ll find those catfish swimming in a custom built tank plus all the other bayou classics like crawfish, crab, alligator sausage, boudin balls, and a whole world of gratins and gumbo.

This market is more than just a well-stocked supply store though. It’s the work of three generations of Baton Rouge locals. Founded by Tony Pizzolato as a roadside food stand, Tony’s has become an institution for gameday feasts and quick lunches alike. And each piece of food that leaves the store is perfectly seasoned with spices developed by each member of the family.

While The Southern Weekend was there, Owner Bill Pizzolatto (son of Tony) insisted we take a tour of the menu and, well, we couldn’t just say no. That would be rude.

From oysters as big as this author’s hand to head cheese, a mountain of boudin balls, and more fried fish than any group should reasonably eat… we barely made our flight that evening. And it was totally worth the scramble.

So if you want to know what the bayou states like, know that you’re in good hands at Tony’s. This is the rare one-stop shop that does everything great.

It’s like Bill told us, “You can’t go fishing and get any fresher than this.”

This content was created in partnership with Tony’s Seafood.