The Pyramid in downtown Memphis is a perfect urban adventure

Memphis is named after an ancient Egyptian city so they built a giant pyramid downtown. What sits inside though is purely Tennessee.

If you’ve ever stopped in Downtown Memphis, you’ve probably seen it. The massive structure that houses the Big Cypress Lodge and Bass Pro Shops. But what makes it so unique? Well, the Pyramid is 30 stories and has over 100 rooms, for starters.

Inside you’ll find a replica Cypress swamp full of fish, ducks, alligators, a bowling alley, restaurants, sweet shops, and oh yea, the largest waterfowl hunting selection in the world.

You don’t expect to find outdoor retailers in an urban city environment. But you definitely don’t expect to find them in a pyramid.

Memphis is right in the heart of waterfowl hunting country and fishing country so both of those things make a lot of sense for Bass Pro.

When you walk through here it’s tempting to touch and explore every new detail you see. Even, it seems, for the people who run the place.

That’s because at the Pyramid, they won’t just sell you some equipment. They let you try it out and even teach you to use it.

For those that may want more casual hangouts than adventure sports testing, the Pyramid has you covered there too. Here they have the country’s tallest freestanding elevator that leads to a rooftop restaurant with a 360 view of Memphis.

Or you can go full relaxation mode at the Big Cypress Lodge. Every room is equipped with a fireplace, oversized tub to relax, oversized beds. It’s unbelievable, unlike anything else you’re going to find.

It really is an outdoorsman’s amusement park. Every room is fit for that person. Even if you’re not that person you feel like that person. When you walk into that room you suddenly take on this outdoorsman or outdoorswoman feel.

This content was created in partnership with The Pyramid.