Riverboat cruises are the best way to explore the Mississippi River

The Memphis Riverboats can give you a tour and a view of the city unlike any other. This third-generation family business knows all the ins and outs of Mississippi River history and folklore.

The Mississippi River is the backbone of Memphis, and the best way to show how important – and fun – the river is, you have to take a riverboat cruise.

Memphis Riverboats sits right in the heart of downtown Memphis. So it’s the perfect launching point for some of the best sightseeing tours of the city.

They do it all, from school trips to dinner cruises to private cruises, in a perfect combination of gorgeous views and history.


People have explored this massive waterway as long as boats have existed. The Memphis Riverboats harken back to the opulent cruising vessels of the late 1800s.

The experience for the riders is an up close and personal experience. They actually are riding out there on the water and get to see the city from the river. While they’re learning about all the history and folklore of the area.

Visitors can soak in the history or enjoy the features of the Island Queen, a 100-foot long riverboat with three levels of decks for maximum skyline viewing.

It’s a pastime that the people of Memphis, and the crew here, are particularly passionate about.


Because even if people feel like the steamboat era is fading away, it will never leave as long as the river keeps rolling.

This content was created in partnership with Memphis Riverboats.