People are driving 45 minutes to get snow cones at this snow cone stand

This snow cone is beloved by the city of Memphis. Find out why this sweet, indulgent treat is worth waiting for.

The folks at Jerry’s will tell you: They didn’t invent the sno cone. Just the sno cone supreme. And it’s a snack that Memphians have sworn by for over 50 years.

Tigers Blood, Toxic Waste, and Hurricane Elvis are some of the 70 flavors people travel from all over to try. Don’t worry, there’s a flavor guide on the wall if you don’t know what those names mean.

It all started when the building was a Sinclair gas station. As the legend goes, back in the ’20s and ’30s the owner would make cones for the kids while their parents were waiting for their cars to get fixed.

But then the gas station closed in the 1960s, so a couple bought the building and ran it as a car wash and sno cone shack.

The secret really got out when “Great Balls of Fire” filmed a scene there and folks from all over started showing up. The rest, as they say, is history.

But back to the sno cone supreme, that unique treat that’s a Jerry’s original? What’s that about?

Well it’s basically the perfect blending of ice cream and sno cone. And who could really argue with that?

Folks loved it so much, that over the summer, a second location opened.

So that means you can stop in and get a supreme fix year round in two different locations in the city.