Atlanta’s Beltline is a perfect urban adventure

This mixed-use trail is the best way to explore the city.

Atlanta is one of the biggest and most exciting cities in the South. From the food to the art, to the lush canopy of trees throughout the city there truly is something here for everyone to enjoy. We were so excited to check out a project that’s transforming the city, and the way people spend their weekends.

It’s called the Atlanta Beltline, a mixed-use trail which has turned the center of the city into the perfect place to hang out and connect with the city.

It connects families with new parks, visitors with local shops and galleries, and foodies with their next favorite restaurants. In 2017, there were almost 2 million visitors to this little urban adventure land.

The Beltline circles the downtown and midtown areas of Atlanta, connecting 45 different neighborhoods.

It circles the downtown area, weaving in and out of different neighborhoods and parks. There are trails for walking and biking, and also places to just sit and enjoy an afternoon.

But if you’re going to explore it, you’ve got to do it in style. Don’t own a bike? Don’t worry, they’ve got you covered. There are several different kinds of bikes you can rent.

One of the first things you’ll notice as you start your ride is the amazing artwork. It’s got the largest outdoor public art exhibition in the South. And one of the most unique (and smallest) of those projects? The tiny doors.

In addition to the art and views, there are also so many options for food and shopping. You’ve just got to get off the path for those.

Atlanta used to be hard to navigate without a car but now it’s a pleasure. When the Beltline is complete, it will span 22 miles across 45 different neighborhoods.

The folks in who help maintain the Beltline say it’s not so much a destination as it is an adventure. And with each mile, you’re sure to find something new to explore and enjoy.