The VIP tour of Graceland and why you should visit The King’s palace

Elvis is the king of rock and roll and Graceland is his palace. Find out why the only home that draws more visitors every year is the White House.

If Elvis is the king of Rock and Roll, then Graceland is definitely his palace. Every year over half a million people make a pilgrimage to Elvis’s home in the birthplace of rock and roll.

Elvis purchased this house at 22 years old, and it was a lifelong place of comfort for him and his family. Every single item in the home is an original piece from when Elvis lived in the house. And all these years later, people still lose their minds when they enter the King’s palace.

We began our tour in the legendary Jungle Room, which definitely lives up to its name. Elvis bought all the furniture to annoy his dad, and ended up keeping it. It’s covered from floor to ceiling in shag carpeting. You can actually FEEL the presence of The King as you walk through the house, as can those that still come to pay their respects.

You can’t think of Elvis without thinking of screaming fans and fainting women. Turns out, they still see a lot of that today.

When we  think of Elvis I just think of screaming fans and fainting women. You will probably still see a lot of behavior today.

“We really do,” admits Angie Marchese, who runs the archives at Graceland. “I have to admit, I have had to wipe off a lot of lipstick prints off of jump suit cases.”

Angie is right when she says that everyone connects to Elvis on an emotional level. “They feel his presence here. They can imagine what he did in these rooms or they what what they’ve heard happened here at Graceland. And it really is an emotional journey through this guy’s life.” And what a life it was!

The journey doesn’t just stop in the mansion, though. There’s a legit museum, shops, and restaurants that take up a full city block. If you’re a VIP, you can even put on a pair of white gloves and hold one of his famous (20 lb!!!) belts, touch a 16 ct. diamond ring, and more. There’s even a 40 foot wall covered in awards he received after he died.

Truly a memorial fit for a king!

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