‘Comfy’ is the Perfect Name for This Chicken Biscuit

You're going to want a nap after eating this chicken biscuit

Chicken biscuits are a dime a dozen across the South. But there is nothing quite like this chicken biscuit.

Home Grown in Atlanta, Georgia has there own version of the breakfast favorite: An open-faced, nap-inducing behemoth known simply as “The Comfy.”

As Home Grown’s Owner/Chef Kevin Clark explains it, the Comfy Chicken Biscuit started out as a quick dish tossed together by the kitchen staff to snack on when things got busy. The day Kevin finally decided to give it a shot on the menu, it was ordered on just about every ticket. And it has been on the menu ever since.

The Comfy starts with a sliced open flakey, golden, made-from-scratch biscuit. Next comes the chicken: Three thinly sliced cutlets marinated in buttermilk, tossed in Home Grown’s very own flour and seasoning blend, and then fried to perfection. That is all topped with ladles¬†of country-style sausage gravy and then made “healthy” with an orange slice garnish.

This isn’t the kind of chicken biscuit you’ll be picking up with your hands, but we don’t mind. That is what the fork and knife are for.

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