Climb through a giant at EdVenture Children’s Museum

This active learning museum is an impressive place for kids.

EdVenture Children’s Museum in Columbia, S.C. is a kid’s paradise. It engages their imaginations and allows them to learn through activity … and they get to climb through a giant too.

Eddie the Giant sits in the middle of the children’s museum as a massive statue of a little boy. While he is also an architectural wonder, what’s really important is what’s inside.

“His body is a lesson in anatomy for the kids while they play,” says Museum Person so and so. “While they’re climbing through him, his heart beats, they can slide through his intestine tube, climb up his spine, and more.” The education comes while the kids are having fun.

EdVenture is dedicated to teaching kids through museum experiences, afterschool programming and camps. Their mission is to inspire children, youth and the adults who care about them to experience the joy of learning as individuals, as families and as a community.

There are plenty of other attractions at the museum for kids to check out. The fire department exhibit is generally a big hit among kids, featuring a real fire engine as well as other fire equipment, and teaching fire safety.

The museum is putting together its final touches on their flight exhibit. NASA has come together with the city of Columbia and the museum to create a new exhibit that intends to get kids excited about flying. They have a Boeing 757 cockpit sticking out of the building and giving children and parents an excellent view across the Gervais Street Bridge!

Looking at the museum, most of the exhibits are interactive. “Young people in particular learn by doing. Sensory motion is how they learn,” says Museum person. If you want your kids to get a fun, great, learning experience, stop by the EdVenture Children’s Museum!

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