A haunted doll collection guaranteed to make things go bump in the night!

A Haunted Doll Collection wasn't something that paranormal investigator Kevin Cain ever imagined he'd have. That all changed when he received Patty. Strange occurrences began happening in his home, and soon after his collection started to grow.

Kevin Cain has been interested in the paranormal since childhood. In fact, his childhood home right here in Central Alabama was haunted. As a child, he experience doors opening and closing on their own, footsteps in the hallway and attic space, and disembodied voices throughout the house. This early exposure to the unexplained and the supernatural inspired Kevin to one day begin investigating the paranormal. In 2013, Kevin was introduced to his first haunted doll named Patty.

The Haunted Doll that started it all

Haunted Doll

Patty is a unique porcelain doll that dates back at least to the 1970’s. Patty was the name of the little girl who originally owned the doll. Her mother was a prostitute and drug abuser who had no interest in having children. Patty lived under very harsh circumstances. Her mother had no interest in caring for her, so she was often times left to care for herself. Her favorite toy was the small porcelain doll pictured above. One day, Patty came across a bag of pills that belonged to her mother, thinking they were candy, she ingested the drugs. The result was a fatal one. Patty died at the tender age of seven.

Since Patty’s death, the doll she once owned now seems to have been taken over by a mysterious presence. Many people believe that Patty’s ghost has attached herself to the porcelain doll that was once her favorite toy. Almost all of the doll’s previous owners have reported strange occurrences in their homes. Owners have reported hearing the voice of a small child near the doll. Others have claimed that the doll will move around the house on its own. Some even say that objects and toys will move on their own when near her.

A growing collection

Haunted Doll

After adopting Patty, Kevin has since collected more than 200 items ranging from haunted dolls to paintings to toys, even antique tools. Some of the items were obtained by Kevin and his team, Scare of Alabama, during their investigations. Others came from individual clients who needed items and activity removed from their homes. Kevin’s book, My Haunted Collection, tells the story about several items in his collection and the stories behind them.

Haunted Doll

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