6 ways to celebrate Mac and Cheese

Charleston chefs share their secrets making this Southern favorite.

Whether it’s for National Mac and Cheese Day (July 14th) or just any day of the year, there’s really no bad time to celebrate that cheesy, creamy goodness that is mac and cheese. It’s perfect as a side or even by itself. And there’s no wrong way to make it! Here are a few inspiration recipes to help you indulge!

Truffle Mac and Cheese from Baton Rouge

Does it get any more decadent than truffles? We think not. Try this recipe courtesy of our friends at The Overpass Merchant in Baton Rouge. Their delicious twist on the traditional comfort food elevates this mac and cheese into its own category.

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Mac and cheese....bagels?

Yup. It’s a thing. Einstein Bros. Bagels. AND you can get them free on National Mac and Cheese Day!

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Chicken and Spinach Alfredo

Okay yeah, we know, it’s not technically mac and cheese. But it’s close! Give this recipe from Chef John Folse a try!

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Smokey Mac and Cheese

If you like a little kick to the traditional dish, try this recipe on for size.

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Plan to attend a mac and cheese cook off.

Calling itself “America’s Largest Mac & Cheese Festival,” the Mac Off features 25 chefs from the top restaurants and catering companies around Charleston in a competition to find the best mac and cheese in town. Y’all, these people are experts.

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Source: The Southern Weekend

Follow these four tips to get the perfect mac and cheese.

These will help you take your dish from good to amazing.

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