You can’t make real Southern cornbread in an Instant Pot

Okay look. We’re just going to jump straight into this here. You can’t make real, Southern cornbread in an Instant Pot.

There. We said it. We made our stand. And now we’ll tell you why.

Southern cornbread (the good stuff) has this unique texture that can’t be matched. There’s something about the crispy, buttery edges of a hot piece of cornbread fresh out of an oven. Baked in a cast iron skillet of course.

And for the record, anyone can cook with cast iron. They’re super versatile, they last forever, and they’re not too hard to clean.

So imagine our surprise when we found this recipe.

And yes, Instant Pots are fantastic. They’re easy and convenient to use. We’ve even used them for things ourselves.

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But think about how much you LOSE by taking the cornbread out of the skillet. That perfect crust is critical to a successful cornbread. How can you serve a naked, crustless version – even in the name of convenience?! Southern food is low and slow and cooked with love.

And like one commenter said. Our Grannies would turn over in their grave if they found out.

It’s a sin against God and your Memaw. Break out the cast iron, people. Nothing can compete with searing the batter in that hot iron pan. It may take a little longer, but everything good is worth the wait.

And before you go throwing everything else into an Instant Pot, just remember this bit of wisdom from the great Jurassic Park: