You can make mayo in your car and it’s totally edible

Kristen Hampton attempts an inspirational task: Making mayo in her car.

When most of us think of getting power inverters for our car, we get excited about things like being able to plug in a laptop. Or maybe there’s a hair emergency and you just really need to plug in a flat iron. Kristen Hampton is not like most of us, though.

As she says, she doesn’t play with it comes to “inverters and wattage¬†and things.” The “carfice” (car office, if you’re new to the Kristen Hampton world) was sent to the shop, the Slimline 800 was installed, and the possibilities were endless. The first endeavor?


Why? Well, because she can. Is there a better reason?

If you have ever made mayo before – even if it was in the safety of your own kitchen – you know that this is not a simple thing to accomplish. It involves blending and probably even a third hand. Kristen, however, is unphased.

She demonstrates that the hand mixer (which was purchased for $14.99 at Walgreens) works, and then assembles all of her ingredients: Eggs, oil, vinegar, and a little bit of mustard.

That’s all it takes! She gets down to business, cracking the eggs, adding a bit of mustard to “make them friends,” and “commences to mixing her things.”

Slowly but surely, the carnnaise begins to happen, and our heroine could not be more thrilled. Mayonnaise. IN A CAR. Victory. “I did this,” she says, reveling in her accomplishment.


She tries the mayonnaise, a look of surprise on her face. “I can’t even believe this is really happening, because that’s actually not disgusting.”

But obviously, we need validation. The success of carnnaise needs to be shared with the world. Or at least, with two surprisingly cooperative ladies who happened to be in the parking lot outside the carfice.

“LADIES! Y’all busy? Doing a Facebook Live, but only like 15 people are watching.” she yells. “What I have done here, in my car, is make mayonnaise.”

“What did you make mayonnaise out of?” one of the women asks, skeptically.

“Things you make mayonnaise out of! Like oils and eggs and stuff.”

The women affirm Kristen’s original assessment. “It’s not¬†bad.”

They offer some suggestions on adding tang to the carnnaise. “It needs some salt. “Well, I can ADD some salt, mama!” Kristen says, enthusiastically embracing that she has successfully made edible mayonnaise. In her car.

Today, we celebrate you and your carnnaise, Kristen Hampton. You have shown us the possibilities, and we are truly inspired by your victory.

No, go forth and make delightful sandwiches.

You can watch the whole thing here. It’s worth your time.

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