You can literally sit on an egg while you’re in your car and it won’t even break

So you know how sometimes you just need to sit on an egg without breaking it and you wonder where you can find a product that can make this happen? Don’t even worry about it anymore. Kristen Hampton’s got you covered in this week’s Product Testing Tuesday: The Egg Sitter.

Yes, there is a for real product called the Egg Sitter. You may be familiar with it, as the infomercial has gone viral. Because it is truly amazing. Take two minutes of your life and watch this. These people are so excited about sitting on eggs!

If only we could be this happy.

Obviously, Kristen needed a piece of this action. Is this cushion really so soft and supportive that you can sit on an egg without breaking it? She had to find out. Fortunately, Target carries the Egg Sitter cushion for the low price of $39.99. She comes to us from the Target parking lot, excited to show us her floppy, cushiony slice of heaven.



She starts slow, placing one egg on the cushion and taking a seat. The video evidence in favor of the Egg Sitter’s egg-preserving ability is strong, but one can never be too sure. Cleaning raw egg of your back side does not sound awesome.

One egg. Then three eggs, just to ramp it up a bit.  Three real, cage-free organic eggs from Target. When that was successful, she went all in and put the five remaining eggs on the cushion for the sit test. “I’m sitting on three eggs. I’m gettin’ real nervous, because I didn’t plan out what I would do if one broke.” We all watched earnestly – all 16k+ of us. We wanted her to succeed. But we wanted her to fail because we wanted to know what she would do. But we wanted it to work. But we wanted to see what would happen if it didn’t.

“I have my fanny bone on one egg – direct fanny bone contact to that egg.” She got up and checked the progress. “Look at these eggs! They didn’t break! They didn’t hatch, either.”

Then it was time to go all in. “Okay this is basically like I’m a chicken now,” she said, putting all six eggs on the cushion. “Why would you sit on just one egg without it breaking when you can sit on one half of a dozen.”  She even cracked one into a cup, just to let us know that there was no trickery involved.

She’s self aware enough to know that everyone is rooting for an egg to break. “I realize what everybody wants to happen. But you know what, this is real life. This is not theatre. Or drama.”

Just when she has celebrated and you think she is done, she is really just beginning. She begins to troll the Target parking lot to find someone to sit on her eggs.

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It was a rough go. She struck out several times. “They think something’s wrong with me,” she sang plastering a smile on her face, because rejection is totally fine. “This is why I don’t invite people, because when they don’t say yes it hurts my feelings.

The task proved a little more difficult than she thought. Turns out, people don’t want to get into a strange car to sit on someone’s eggs while they are hanging out in a Target parking lot. She was forced to get out of the car and speak to people, leaving her eggs in the care of her audience.

Things took a turn when a champion by the name of Rachel agrees to sit on Kristen’s eggs.


She approaches the Carfice confidently, greeting everybody with a smile. She didn’t even act like it was weird. In case she forgot, Kristen reminded her that she was sitting on an egg in front of 16.2k followers.

Unphased, she answered Kristen’s questions and gave a review, agreeing that the Egg Sitter had indeed changed her life. Seems like a tall order for a cushion that lets you sit on eggs, even if it is a whole half a dozen of them.

Target Rachel, you are a true hero.

Kristen, now satisfied with the success of her egg sitting adventure, signed off.

How much better can a day really get, after all?

Watch the entire thing on her Facebook page: