The Wurst Wagen: German cuisine about as authentic as it gets

Watch them prepare it like they do in Deutschland.

Gerard Lin, owner of the Wurst Wagen, brought his love of German fare from his hometown in Bavaria, Germany to the streets and festivals of Columbia and we appreciate him for it!

While Columbia isn’t the biggest of southern cities, it doesn’t play when it comes to dining options.

From Bodhi Thai Dining‘s super artistic ethnic fine dining cuisine to the Belgian Waffle truck’s amazingly sweet and/or savory waffle dishes and delicious bbq restaurants as far as the eye can see, we have good food.

The Wurst Wagen brings real German street food to Columbia and the husband and wife team of Gerard and Erin Lin are true professionals and connoisseurs of all things wurst!

Watch as Gerard sets us up with some currywurst, a knackwurst served Berlin style, smothered in homemade curry ketchup and topped with curry powder.As it turns out, one of Germany’s most popular wurst does pretty well for itself in the American south too.

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