This is the best sandwich in Kentucky

Our mouths are seriously still watering.

Louisville is a town that loves their traditions and our next stop might be the most delicious tradition of them all.

We stopped at Wild Eggs. They offer dozens of indulgent, stick-to-your-ribs food options at their comfort food centers across Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana and Tennessee. There’s one item on their menu though that is quintessential Louisville.

We’re talking about the Hot Brown.

Fun Monday Fact! Our Hot Brown was voted Best Hot Brown by USA Today!

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It’s Kentucky’s most famous sandwich. It’s an open face turkey sandwich. With “Mornay sauce,” bacon and tomato. The Mornay sauce is like a cheese gravy, so you know it’s tasty.

So what makes this sandwich so…Kentucky?

The folks at Wild Eggs say it matches the culture of the state: heavy and able to hold down the bourbon after a long night.

The Hot Brown was invented right down the road at the Brown Hotel in the late 1920s. Turns out, it was a very appropriate name, because you know it’s done when it starts to bubble and turns a little brown.

Fortunately, Wild Eggs is spreading the gospel of the hot brown to neighboring states like Indiana, Ohio, and Tennessee.

To make the sandwich, you put the meat and cheese gravy on and pop it in to heat up. Next comes the egg, Sunny Side Up of course. Then just a few tomatoes, parsley, and bourbon-smoked paprika and you have one decadent sandwich in front of you.

Regardless of when you eat it, breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a late night snack, you’re taking a bite of Kentucky’s All-Star dish.

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