Wig Shopping for Your Mardi Gras Alter Ego

Here are some tips and tricks to know before going wig shopping.

Many Carnival revelers like to stand out among the sea of parade-goers with eye-catching costumes. Midori Tajiri-Byrd, committee chair of the 2018 Big Wig Ball, says Carnival is an excuse to get more colorful, especially by throwing on a wig. Opting for a wig not only makes you visible in the crowd to get more throws, it can also keep your hair looking good during the entire parade. In the video, Tajiri-Byrd takes us wig shopping at Kawaii Nola and offers some great tips to consider before purchasing a wig.

Tajiri-Byrd also pinpointed some local New Orleans shops you can turn to when shopping for your Carnival costume:

Wigs, Costumes, Accessories and Makeup

Vintage and Costume

Costume Supplies

Happy wig shopping!

Photo courtesy: Lady Robin Walker

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