What’s a ‘Cortado?’

We talk to the guys at Domestique coffee about how to make a mouth watering Cortado!

What’s a “Cortado?”  We went to the folks at Domestique coffee in Birmingham, Ala. to find out.

They walked us through their story, their coffee philosophy, and their process for making this delicious Spanish-influenced espresso drink.

Domestique operates out of Satellite Bar in the heart of Birmingham.  Satellite opens at 7am (Tues-Fri) and 8am (Sat-Sun) to serve the community with freshly brewed coffee and warm local pastries. For visitors wanting to relax with friends, read a book, or finish work, the Satellite has a warm environment with natural lighting, spacious seating, USB chargers built into the bar, and free open-network WiFi.

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