What is a Kolache?

Czech Please: A Texas twist on an authentic Kolache

What is a Kolache? Pronounced “ko-lah-chee”, these Czech pastries are made of a light and fluffy yeast dough and usually filled with fruit. They’re found all over the State of Texas; if you’re a visitor, you might well have seen them advertised as you’ve driven through. Though they’re aren’t exclusive to Texas either … if you look hard enough you’ll see them in other locations.

The more traditional flavors include poppyseed and apricot, but a Texan-ized Kolache can be filled with apples, strawberries, cherries, blueberries and beyond. And they’re DELICIOUS!

Over time, Kolaches became synonymous with donut shops and were assumed to be made with doughnut dough, and sometimes filled with meat.  But that’s a giant misunderstanding! Sandy Ferrell, owner of Czech Please in Gladewater, Tex., started her bakery after noticing a lack of real, authentic Kolaches in East Texas. Now she’s trying to show East Texas what a real Kolache is, one delicious, homemade pastry at a time.

According to Ferrell, Kolaches are basically “healthy donuts.” These treats are baked, not fried, and there’s not a lot of added sugar, but they have the perfect amount of sweetness. The fresh fruit center — lacking in preservatives — really speaks for itself. There’s no wrong time to eat a Kolache, but they’re typically considered a breakfast pastry.

Where can I find a Kolache?

Czech Please is a home bakery, but you can get your hands on these delicious treats every weekend at the Historic Longview Farmers Market. You can find a map here. And keep your eyes open throughout the State of Texas … you won’t have to travel far to see one.

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Czech Please: A Texas Twist on an Authentic Kolache