Wanna feel old? The Power Rangers debuted 25 years ago

Hear what some of the stars have to say about the anniversary.

It was on a fairly nondescript day, 25 years ago, that the very first episode of “Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers” debuted in the United States. The show first aired on August 28, 1993.

The show starred Austin St. John (Red Ranger), Walter Emanuel Jones (Black Ranger), David Yost (Blue Ranger), Thuy Trang (Yellow Ranger), and Amy Jo Johnson (Pink Ranger) as the original five power rangers. Jason David Frank (Green/White Ranger) also later joined the cast.

However, the American actors only appeared in scenes outside of their power suits. The actual scenes with the rangers fighting bad guys and when they were in their Megazords actually came from the Japanese TV show Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger. The formula was a hit, and there have been 22 different versions of the series since.

We got to talk to Walter Emanuel Jones, as well as the 2nd Red Ranger, Steve Cardenas. and the 2nd Yellow Ranger, Karan Ashley about their experiences on the show and the lasting legacy of the Power Rangers.

For fans or critics, that lasting legacy is incredible to consider. From humble origins, a cultural phenomenon endures.