An Underground Comic Book Tour … Literally Underground

To read this comic, you'll have to go way under the city.

Deep under the streets of Cincinnati in the bowels of an old lagering tunnel, you’ll find an underground comic book tour unlike anything you’ve ever seen. No, it’s not a paper comic book sitting on the floor or something, more like an entirely immersive experience.

Welcome to the world of MeSseD. 

Written by Jay Kalagayan and illustrated by Dylan Speeg (both Cincinnati guys), MeSseD tells the story of a young female sewer worker who guides us through the dark, dank world under our feet. But instead of reading her story page by page, you and your group are immersed in a full-on tunnel tour armed with only a flashlight to guide the way. Trust us when we say, you’ve just gotta see it to believe it.

Have we peaked your interest? Enter to win some free tickets to the exhibit courtesy of our friends at Connect Cincinnati.