Would you try sushi donuts and sushi pizza?

Sushi Guru in Plaza Midwood is taking an Asian spin on these American favorites.

We all are used to the traditional forms of sushi – rolls, nigiri, sashimi. But at Sushi Guru in Plaza Midwood, they’re taking some American favorites and putting an Asian twist on them. Enter sushi donuts and sashimi pizza.

Yes, this is actually a real thing.

Owner Cy Santos says the ideas were creative approaches to a normally very traditional cuisine. Healthier than your average fried donut, the sushi donut is created by filling a mold with sushi rice and other assorted fillings then topped with slices of fish like tuna and salmon.

And as for the sashimi pizza, it’s made with pita bread, homemade edamame hummus and sashimi with various toppings.

To be fair, neither of these spins taste exactly like their American counterparts… but #QueenCityWknd can confirm they are delicious!