Try boatless wakeboarding

Instead of a boat, you get pulled by a cable system around the lake.

Wakeboarding is a popular lake sport which usually includes a boat and a brave person holding a rope in the back ready to ride the waves. Truth be told, it can be hard to even get above water in that situation. That’s why SouthTown Wake Park‘s concept of boatless wakeboarding is so cool and unique.

Instead of a boat, the wakeboarder is pulled by a cable pulley system above their head. For those with no experience, the park offers a starter pool with a simple track taking you in a straight line. Once you’ve got your sea legs, you can transition to the bigger lake – complete with obstacles and turns to challenge you.

General Manager Jackie Sly says wake boarding at the park is much easier than behind a boat. Once you take into control the calmer conditions, the cable pulling you up as opposed to out and the practice area, SouthTown Wake Park lets people ease into the sport.

SouthTown Wake Park is open 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. every day. Find it at 255 E. Rambo Road in Rock Hill, S.C.