This Tyler, Texas, restaurant is in an actual mansion

This East Texas restaurant is built in an actual mansion. Inside you can take a culinary tour of the Americas through a menu full of fresh, local ingredients.

Welcome to Villa Montez. We know what you’re wondering and yes, it is a restaurant inside a mansion.

This giant house was built as a family home in the 1930s after some lucky Tyler residents struck oil.

Now, Mundo and his brother Carlos, the head chef, use the house to tell their family story. Each dish here is based on the brothers’ travels across the Americas.

You can come here and work your way from Central America all the way to Texas. One plate at a time.

The folks running the place want you to feel like you’ve stepped out of Tyler for a moment when you walk in.

And they’re doing it the right way, sourcing their meat from a friend right up the road. And don’t forget about the herbs and spices they’re growing in the garden out back.

If you’re wondering how a restaurant would work inside, trust us. They’ve done a great job of combining the homey touches of the original mansion with sleek, high-class design.

This is a place you have to see (and taste) to believe.