This Civil War stockade is now a bed and breakfast

The Stockade Bed & Breakfast sits on a critical site for the Union Army in the Civil War. Now, they'll serve you french toast and one heck of a story about their history.

At The Stockade Bed and Breakfast you will come for the beds and stay for the…. history?

That’s right, The Stockade is a history buff’s delight. The historic home sits on the former home of the Civil War Highland Stockade, a strategic site for the Union Army. Here the Wisconsin Cavalry guarded the Mississippi River and protected the rest of the city from invasion and maintained a stranglehold on Rebel supply lines.

Now the site is on the National Register of Historic Places and a few Civil War artifacts have been recovered on the grounds. And if you can pull yourself away from your bed of the luxurious great room you’ll find yourself conveniently near to Native American mounds, the LSU Rural Life Museum, or former plantations to explore.

Of course, you’ll need more than a good story and a convenient location to make for great lodging. Fortunately, at The Stockade Bed and Breakfast they take the second part of their name as serious as the first. Innkeeper Janice DeLerno treated The Southern Weekend to some delicious homemade pain perdu with her secret sauce while we were there. She made us promise to keep the recipe a secret but we saw a splash or two of spiced rum go into the pan.

So act quickly if you want to try that pain perdu (more commonly known as “French toast”). The Stockade has only six bedrooms and many repeat guests. We hear the music parties around the player piano are legendary.

Created in partnership with The Stockade Bed and Breakfast.