There’s a reason some people LIKE to be scared

It's no secret that some people love scary things more than others, and it turns out there are a few reasons why!

Does your personality type affect whether you like to be scared? Actually yes!

Margee Kerr, Ph.D., sociologist, and author of “Scream: Chilling Adventures in the Science of Fear,”  says in an article that these personality traits stand out:

  • conscientiousness
  • openness to experience
  • extroversion
  • agreeableness

Believe it or not, there’s a science behind why some people enjoy haunted horrors more than others, and it goes beyond someone saying, “because it’s fun!”

When some people walk through a haunted house, or sit through a scary film and have positive feelings about it, it triggers our bodies sympathetic nervous system. Then our bodies release different neurotransmitters and hormones when we sense fear.

And our brain also plays a part. When you’re walking around a haunted house, or sitting on your couch (or in a theater) you know you’re safe. Your brain is processing your fear, but your frontal lobe is telling you that in reality you’re okay.

Another big reason people love being scared is for the sense of accomplishment they feel on the other side.

“Our findings suggest that going through an extreme haunted attraction provides gains similar to choosing to run a 5K race or tackling a difficult climbing wall,” said Kerr. “There’s a sense of uncertainty, physical exertion, a challenge to push yourself – and eventually achievement when it’s over and done with.”

Do you like to be scared? What are you waiting for? Go forth and fear!

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