At this Savannah restaurant you can see where your dinner was caught

The Wyld Dock Bar takes al fresco dining seriously. This is the best place in the whole city to sit, relax, and watch the world go by. Oh and the food is pretty darn good too.

Where do you even begin with a place like The Wyld Dock Bar?

If we’re being literal, you begin by tying your boat up to their dock. Or if you arrived by rideshare to the marshes of the Wilmington River you might begin with one of their awesome cocktails and a sit on their porch swing.

Wherever you drop anchor in this al fresco dining space make sure you plan to stay a while because the food is just as nice as the view.

Here you’ll find the flavors of the South in their seasonal vegetable dishes—peach salad, salted watermelon, crispy okra—and a few Lowcountry classics like an all-day oyster roast.

But the menu really shines when Chef Tony Seichrist focuses on the flavor of the surrounding area do the heavy lifting.

“When the fish is that good it’s kind of a sin to cover it up.” Tony says.

All fish served here comes right out of the water you likely boated through to get to The Wyld. The red snapper we had was caught about 30 miles away from the oven it was cooked on. Occasionally they might source some particularly good fish from North Carolina or Virginia based on what’s in season. And of course, they love to feature the Lowcountry’s legendary shrimp in both a crispy fried version and an indulgent shrimp roll.

“We have a lot of seafood here that gets caught and then gets shipped out. A lot of beach towns have that issue.” says Tony. “So we’ve tried to come from the other angle and start using the seafood here first before it gets sent out. We’re trying to take our piece of the local pie and serve it to the people who actually live here.”

If you want a piece of that local seafood pie but can’t pull yourself away from the hustle and bustle of Savannah proper, Tony and his gang have you covered there too.

Tony, his business partner Brad Syfan, Landon Thompson and Thomas Bishop have all collaborated on a three-story food paradise called El Coyote. The ground floor serves up crowd-pleasing Mexican food. In the basement you’ll find one of Savannah’s only ramen bars. And on the roof… well consider it The Wyld’s outpost in the city. The roof of the Coyote is a raw bar featuring oysters, crab, ceviche, fresh salads, and any other fresh catches Tony’s fisherman may reel in. We wouldn’t judge if you wanted to do an all-day food tour here.

But, of course, the real crown jewel of the food group is The Wyld. Even if you aren’t in the mood for seafood (their pork tacos are excellent by the way) this place is still a must-visit for the vibe alone.

You can curl up around an outdoor fireplace, swing next to the basil they grown on site, or toss a few bean bags in the front yard. If you’re not going to hop in a kayak like we did, The Wyld is the best way to enjoy the sites and sounds of the Savannah marshes.

Just make sure to get out there early. The Wyld doesn’t take reservations and you’re going to want a good spot under the rope lights as the sun sets.