The wine trail in the land of whiskey

Wine is quickly becoming one of Kentucky's top libations.

There are more bourbon barrels than people in Kentucky, but the state was also home to the first commercial vineyard in the country. And it’s the current home of a growing wine movement. So while visiting Louisville, we were invited to learn more about Kentucky wine and taste a glass with a local twist.

For many people, Kentucky is not the first state that comes to mind when they think about wine country. But folks are working to change that.

They’re producing a few different kinds. From cabernet sauvignon and Cabernet Franc, and native varieties.

And along with a few varieties to choose from, there are a couple of winery experiences you can have. From visiting the traditional vineyard or picturesque winery to an urban winery in the middle of the city.

Like Old 502 winery, who are aging their wine with another Kentucky staple: bourbon.

They’re using bourbon barrels that have had bourbon sitting in it for five to ten years. Then they let the wine sit in them for about 30 days. Just enough to soak up the essence of it.

It’s like the best of both worlds. While it may not taste overwhelmingly like bourbon, it’s best to give it a couple of sips just to test it out.

So maybe the next time you think wine, you’ll think Kentucky wine.

This content was created in partnership with the Kentucky Wine Trail.