The South’s best taco has carrots on it

Gov't Taco in Baton Rouge will put anything an everything on a tortilla as long as it tastes good. And yes, that includes carrots.

Look, all tacos are good tacos. But some tacos… some tacos are great tacos. And Gov’t Taco might make the South’s best taco.

Gov’t Taco is the brainchild of Jay Ducote, a prolific chef, food writer, and lifelong Baton Rouge resident. Jay and his taco team use only the loosest definition of a “taco” wherein anything that fits on a tortilla is eligible to be served here.

You’ll find a few classic taco flavor combos like the Steak of the Union which features tri-tip beef, queso, tomatillo salsa, poblano peppers, and red onions; or epic elotes which are absolutely slathered in cotija cheese and finished with ancho chili and lime.

But the menu really shines when the tacos take a hard swerve into southern. The Clucks and Balances, a spicy and creamy take on Nashville hot chicken, and The Catfish Are Coming, a Cajun-as-hell take on a fish taco were both Southern Weekend team favorites.

The real champion of Gov’t Taco, though? It’s a taco in shape only. And, possibly not by accident, it also features the strongest government pun name of the whole menu.

That’s right, it’s The Magna Carrot; a carefully constructed combination of glazed carrots, black bean purée, goat cheese crumbles, toasted pumpkin seeds, and a little chimichurri to pull it all together.

Trust us. This was the consensus favorite among The Southern Weekend team. And if you can get a group of Southerners to agree a vegetarian dish is the best on the menu then it must be great.

The best part of Gov’t Taco might be its location though. Located in White Star Market, a food hall with right smack in the middle of the Mid City neighborhood, you have a world of options around you when placing your taco order.

Don’t feel like pairing your meal with a Topo Chico? Turn around and head to Reve for an iced coffee or Mouton for a beer or cocktail. Want a cookie with your corn? They can take care of you at CounterspaceBr.

And if you’re really feeling adventurous, you can head down Government Street (where Gov’t Taco gets its name) and stop in at The Market at Circa 1857 like we did.

No matter how you spin it, Gov’t Taco is a must-try when you find yourself in Mid City. Or, really, just find yourself in Baton Rouge.

This content was created in partnership with Gov’t Taco.