The Peach Truck

We love the blog In Fine Feather, by Tess Harper and Haley Sheffield. They are based in Macon and Atlanta, Georgia and we’ll be sharing some of our favorite stories they create.
During our blogging adventures the past few months, we have traveled all across the state to showcase the movers, shakers and makers of small business in health and wellness. Today’s post is about The Peach Truck, and features neighbors just north of us who share a love of our favorite Southern staple.



Name + City: Stephen + Jessica Rose. Currently living in Nashville, TN

About: It all started when a boy from way down in Georgia fell in love with a girl from way up in the North. The blissfully happy couple moved to Nashville where the boy couldn’t wait to share everything he loved about life in the South. The city obliged with the heat and the porch, but after searching every single market, the boy couldn’t find the big, rich juicy peaches he grew up eating. What became known as the “peach problem” only had one solution; driving over 300 miles to pick his girl the perfect Georgia Peach. Love at first bite. They then decided to share this love with their new city so they traded in their car for an old truck and sold fresh fruit by the bagful. Nashville fell in love too. Within five weeks, the city consumed over 10 delicious tons of peaches. Today the boy, the girl, and The Peach Truck happily share their peach passion with locals and fellow fruit enthusiasts across the country.

Inspo for your business? The Peach Truck is proud to be the Nashville arm of Pearson Farm in Fort Valley, GA. I (Stephen) grew up eating peaches right off the tree so I knew what a peach should taste like. The summer of 2012, we brought our very first crop up to the city, set up with our truck in front of Imogene + Willie and the rest, as they say, is history.


Favorite peach-inspired recipe? Peaches have long gotten caught in the dessert category. They’re so much more diverse than that. The Peach Caprese salad is a summer staple at our house.


What has been the greatest reward about beginning PT? We often sit back and talk about how shocked we are at our lives. We get to do what we love, work with people we love, and add to the flavor of our city. We couldn’t be more fulfilled doing something other than we are right now.




Favorite part about the South: The people. Anytime you get a little ways out of the city, you’re reminded of the pace of life that so many people live. It’s an exhilarating reminder to slow down, and take in the simplicities of life.

photos by: Jamie Clayton

The concept of In Fine Feather is to showcase the movers, shakers and makers in health throughout Georgia — specifically highlighting trends in food, fitness and well-being. Founders Tess Harper and Haley Sheffield intend to, through their unique trades, foster inspiring ideas while spotlighting the South’s holistic health community.

To learn more about them follow their website: In Fine Feather.