The best creature in the South is …

best creature in the SouthThere are many legends and tall tales throughout our region pertaining to beasties and monsters, but which is the best creature in the South?

We held two rounds of voting. In the first round, we grouped similar critters with one another in themed regions: the Mystical Region, the Smelly Region, the Swamp Thing Region, and the Reptilian Region. Four winners emerged: South Carolina’s Lizard Man, the Mobile Leprechaun, Alabama’s White Thang and the Rougarou. (You can read more about each of the critters in each region at the bottom of the post.)

When we pitted those four against one another in the final four, one winner emerged:

The Rougarou.

Yes, that’s right! Despite stiff competition, this Cajun swamp wolf critter earned the most votes and the title of best creature in the South.

Final Results:
Rougarou 50%
White Thang 32%
Mobile Leprechaun 9%
Lizard Man 9%

He’s a worthwhile winner.  From Nola Weekend: “The Rougarou is a beastly, werewolf or dog-like creature existing in the rich Cajun folklore along the swamps and bayous of Southeast Louisiana. … The most popular legend surrounding the Rougarou serves to warn Catholics who backslide on observing Lent, a time of fasting and abstaining in Catholicism and other Christian religions.”

A Cajun werewolf who is obsessed with observing Lent and lives in a swamp?

Yes, this is a truly amazing southern legend.

Reptilian Region:

Mystical Region:

Smelly Region:

Swamp Thing Region: