Thanksgiving tamales are a real thing

The Tucson Tamale Company have created a holiday tradition with their Thanksgiving Tamales

It’s that time of year again! It’s Tamale Season until the new year.  But have you heard of Thanksgiving tamales? If you’re looking for something new, and you happen to be in Arizona, give the Turkey and Cranberry Tamale  along with the Sweet Pumpkin Tamale a try. (And they’re both gluten-free.) They come from the minds of Tucson Tamale Company, Todd and Sherry Martin.
The idea of behind the Turkey and Cranberry tamale came when they first opened 10 years ago, a few days before Thanksgiving. Todd wanted to celebrate the opening of the store and one of his favorite holidays. At best his wife was skeptical. But somehow it worked! It tastes like a Turkey Day meal in one bite! The tamale is filled with oven-roasted turkey, fresh cranberries, carrots, celery and onion. All of this wrapped in Sage Masa made with Organic Corn giving it the taste and texture of cornbread stuffing. Like all Tucson Tamales, they use non-GMO  corn and it is naturally gluten free.
Even though the Tucson Tamale brand has grown by leaps and bounds since they first opened, they still offer it every November and December. These tamales have such a cult status that they start to get calls in early October.
If you’re looking to finish your Thanksgiving meal with something sweet, you have to give the Sweet Pumpkin Tamales a try. They feature corn masa mixed with pumpkin and spices.  The tamale tastes exactly like a pumpkin pie.  Add a scoop of ice cream or whipped cream to make it a true Thanksgiving dessert. Yet, these tamales aren’t just seasonal, they are offered year round. That’s right, pumpkin pie year round!
You can get both tamales in a Thanksgiving package here or you can buy them individually  You can even find them in grocery stores across the country in over a 100 locations. Find the closest location here.
You might think it seems weird, but give it a taste. Your taste buds will be transported to your favorite holiday meal in one bite.