The Texas State Railroad is an amazing history lesson on wheels

Experience a ride through the pines forest of East Texas the way they would've in the olden days, or in the lap of luxury.

Welcome to the Texas State Railroad.

This historic rail line used to be part of the massive network of trains used to move supplies across the state. Now… it’s a 50-mile, family-friendly adventure and a great way to spend a Southern Weekend. We were invited to join Jennifer Price to explore this giant, rolling history lesson.

Before you board the train, you can get hands-on with the giant steam engine and the experts who maintain this moving piece of history.

The engine has been around for over 100 years. It was built in 1917. And since it’s so old, the folks who work on it are also responsible for making all the parts for it as well. It’s hard, hot work. It can get up to 130 degrees in the conductor’s car, but riders can enjoy a cool breeze from the viewing platform at the back of the train.

And people from all over enjoy the experience. In fact, the Presidential Car has seated every Texas governor for the state of Texas since 1976.

Make sure you are in your seat when the train takes off though. The presidential and first-class cars start each ride with a champagne toast. Each car is serviced by an attendant happy to share some history about the train, or to bring you a drink and a snack. Or if you want a fully immersive historical experience, head down to the open-air car. It’s about as close to nature as you can feel on a train car.

But, if you think that’s amazing, just wait until you see the caboose.

It’s a sleek, intimate car. It seats only eight people. It’s a private experience meant to be enjoyed with loved ones… and your own personal attendant.

The whole experience is something you’ll never find in a museum.

To learn more about the Texas State Railroad, including how to book, check out their official website.

This content was created in partnership with the Texas State Railroad.