Sweet potato pizza is no joke

Earth and Stone Wood Fired Pizza in Huntsville, Alabama has its share of unique pies, but near the top of the list is its version of a sweet potato pizza.

Yes, a sweet potato pizza.

The church gets donations of tractor trailer loads of sweet potatoes for food drives.

The owner of the pizzeria was at the farmer’s market one day when such a truck pulled in.

The host of the farmer’s market asked the owner what they could use sweet potato for on a pizza and the Latham was born.

But you won’t find any cinnamon or brown sugar on it.

It features roasted sweet potatoes, caramelized onions and goat cheese and is one of Earth and Stone’s most popular menu items.

It’s a very Southern flavor profile that’s taken a different route.

The pizzeria is inside Campus 805, an old middle/high school turned into a collection of restaurants, shops, and a brewery.