Your Summer Sangria Is Missing this Key Ingredient

Hemman Winery unveils how to step up your punch bowl

There’s no denying it, the South heats up in the summer.  So, why not cool off with a nice glass of sangria?

But before you go stirring up a pitcher,  you may want to think twice about what kind of wine you’re using.

The winemakers at Hemman Winery tell Heartland Weekend you should use a fruit wine, rather than one that’s made solely with grapes.

Bonnie Hemman says it really enhances the taste. She would know, since Hemman Winery crushes almost any fruit into wine, including her favorite: cranberry apple.

For a perfect pitcher, Bonnie says all you need is a bottle of fruit wine, some juice, fresh fruit and top it off with some Sprite. No need to complicate it.