Sullivan Bakery’s Derby Cupcakes

They taste like Mint Juleps and Oaks Lilies, but sweeter

The Bakery at Sullivan University is serving up some Derby cupcakes. These sweet treats include Mint Julep flavored!

Their Mint Julep and Oaks Lily cupcakes were created by Chef Amanada Redemann.

Orders of a dozen or more should be placed at least three days in advance.

Sullivan Bakery also offers Mint Julep Pie, Commonwealth Pie and Horseshoe Almond Horns dipped in chocolate.

If you’re not in the Louisville area and can’t get to The Bakery at Sullivan, try making these at home for your own Derby party:

Mint Julep Cupcakes
Soak chocolate cupcakes in bourbon
Top with mint-flavored chocolate icing
Garnish with sugared mint leaves

Oaks Lily Cupcakes
Soak cranberries in vodka
Add vodka-soaked cranberries to lemon cake batter and lemon icing
Garnish with lemon zest