Look for THIS to Spot a Dirty Beer Glass

Those bubbles on your glass ... prepare to gag.

Want to know how to spot a dirty beer glass? It’s probably a lot easier than you think it is. Actually, we know it’s easier than you think it is. The REAL question is whether you want to know how; because once you know, you can’t go back.  Warning: If you are the type of person who enjoys a glass of beer at a restaurant or bar, you don’t want to watch this video. Seriously. Once you watch it, you will never be able to look at that beer the same way.

Still here? Then let’s get dirty.

Chances are you’ve been served beer in a dirty glass, and I’m not talking about something as obvious as a hair or dirt floating around the rim. We’re talking oils and gunk, invisible to the untrained eye, smudged around the inside of your glass. Stuff that a simple dip in the sink won’t get rid of. Stuff that will break down when it comes in contact with beer, and you will end up drinking.

Turns out it’s actually easy to spot, and WAY more common than it should be.

Richard Easterby, beer connoisseur and Co-Owner of Craft Conundrum in Charleston, South Carolina, is here to enlighten you. Prepare to feel gross.

THIS is the easy way to spot a dirty beer glass.

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