The South’s Most Haunted House: The Myrtles

This ghost story is intense.

The Myrtles Plantation is infamous throughout the South as being one of the most haunted properties around. Have you heard all of the ghost stories from the Myrtles Plantation in St. Francisville, La.? If you haven’t, there’s one in particular that might chill your bones.

Said story is one of man. This historical plantation (est. 1796) is well known for being one of the (if not THE) most haunted homes in the South.  And with good reason: Over 10 murders have been committed on these grounds.

Yes, 10 murders.

But it’s the story of Chloe the slave that always spooks people out the most.  And it’s hard to argue against why. Chloe tends to show up around the home at various locations. And her story is a crazy one.

We got the full retelling from our friends at the Myrtles, and it’s definitely a doozy of a story. Listen to the story of Chloe the slave in the video above. And if you’re into the haunted scene, get ready to start thinking about how to book a trip. If you’re decidedly not, work on your escape plan.

You’ll need a good one after watching this.

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