Is this Solar Eclipse Video the New ‘Double Rainbow’?

One of the coolest ways to watch a solar eclipse may be from the sky!

Have you ever missed an important flight? Ever wish you could call the airline up and make them hold the plane another half hour?  Well, Mike Kentrianakis, American Astronomical Society Solar Eclipse Project Manager, did just that… sort of.

Mike worked with Alaskan Airlines for over a year to push back a flight between Alaska and Honolulu, just 25 minutes, in order to put them directly in the path of the moon’s shadow.

Had the flight’s schedule not have been changed by just 25 minutes, passengers would have missed the show entirely.

This eclipse which, Mike tells us was only viewable over an uninhabited part of the Pacific, happened March 8 of last year.

“Just to be able to make it happen was a beautiful thing… it was perfect.”

The video Mike shot is absolutely amazing and, as you can tell from the audio, the excitement on that jet was palpable!  You might even call it “double rainbow” worthy.

Stay tuned to Palmetto Weekend as we set up a remote interview with Mike to learn about his passion of chasing the eclipse.

Video Credit: Mike Kentrianakis/American Astronomical Society