Six Great Movies for Your Post-Holiday Recovery

Did you eat enough turkey and dressing for six people?  Exhausted from holiday shopping? We here at The Southern Weekend put our heads together and came up with six of our favorite films set in the South for some much deserved downtime.

The Blind Side

A perfect mix of family and football, with a lot of Southern hospitality mixed in.  We’ve all had people fall into our lives who have become as much a part of our families as our blood kin.  This heartwarming story was on all our lists.  (Rated PG-13)

Sweet Home Alabama

We love Reese Witherspoon, and could probably have put six of her films on this list.  But we picked this one.  A Southern belle escapes the North and realizes she can’t (and doesn’t want) to leave her roots.  Sure it is kind of cheesy.  That’s why we like it.  Bonus points for Patrick Dempsey and Josh Lucas.  (Rated PG-13)

Forrest Gump

A total classic at holiday time.  Tom Hanks and a Southern accent can’t be beat.  Throw in Lt. Dan, Bubba, Jenny, some Alabama football, and of course, “Life is like a box of chocolates,” and we’re hooked every time.  (Rated PG-13)

Bull Durham

The guys on our team made sure this one made the list.  This baseball classic stars Kevin Costner as “Crash” Davis, a veteran minor league catcher sent to the Durham Bulls to train “Nuke” LaLoosh, played by Tim Robbins. Want more stars? Susan Sarandon is the love interest. Romance and comedy packaged as a sports flick.  (Rated R)

Remember the Titans

Based on a true story about football and desegregation in the South, Remember the Titans shows how sports can bring people together.  Denzel Washington is terrific in this one, and our group agreed this is a movie which both men and women will always sit down and watch.  (Rated PG)

Steel Magnolias

Billed as “the funniest movie that will ever make you cry,” this is THE quintessential film about strong Southern women.  It’s got everything.  Births, deaths, weddings, fights, and powerful women who end up pulling things together when life (and the men) around them is falling apart.  It is a seven kleenex film, and yes, we still want to watch during the holidays.  (Rated PG)


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