Signatures Create Living Diary inside Missouri’s Oldest Domed Building

See them for yourself.

Each year new students at Southeast Missouri State University in Cape Girardeau, Mo. are asked how they will leave their mark on the university.

Some have left a literal “mark” in the form of a signature.

Heartland Weekend takes you inside Academic Hall’s copper dome where students, faculty, and visitors have left their John Hancock on the skeletal wood framing.

There’s no telling how many signatures have been left behind.

The building, completed in 1905, sits in the middle of campus on the highest hill in Cape Girardeau.

It was actually the first domed building built in Missouri. The state capitol building was modeled after it.

Inside, we found markings that date back to the 1920s.

The part of that: folks weren’t really permitted inside prior to a construction update in 2013.

Today, the dome’s wood frame remains exposed, but renovations made it much safer to enjoy this historic diary of inscriptions.

Now, you’re not only allowed up on the catwalk, but even encouraged to leave your mark.

University officials typically open the dome during family weekend and homecoming. But special arrangements to tour the dome can be made through the President’s Office.