We All Scream for Alcoholic Ice Cream

When making ice cream is like a mad science experiment that gets you buzzed.

It’s pretty safe to say: there’s nothing quite like “Buzzed Bull Creamery” in Cincinnati. The passion project of 7 Cincinnati natives, the idea from the start was to infuse a shot of alcohol into a scoop of ice cream. After a move from Tampa to Cincy, years of hard work and probably hundreds of test batches, the dream is now a reality.

Owners say “Buzzed Bull Creamery” will open for its first day of business on Tuesday, May 9th at 12 p.m. They’ll be serving up ice cream until 11 p.m. at their store in Over-the-Rhine located at 1408 Main Street.

More details on future hours of operation are expected to be released soon.

Can’t wait? We got a tour of the new place and saw exactly how they get your spirit of choice into some seriously delicious ice cream. Hint: crazy cool liquid nitrogen.

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