This Mexican cantina in Alabama is making tortillas from scratch

The secret to good taste is pretty straightforward here.

Rosie’s Cantina in Huntsville, Ala. is a Mexican restaurant that takes freshness so seriously it makes its own tortillas. Great food, excellent service and the fun-filled atmosphere of a Rosie’s Cantina make it a wonderful dining experience.

Rosie’s Cantina was named in honor of Rhonda Martin’s Grandmother, Rosie Terry DeWhitt. She owned and worked in small cafes most of her life to support her family. Because of this, the owners of the cantina felt like it was fitting to name it after her.

“When we say we are a Mexican restaurant, it’s actually more than that,” says Sergio Artiga, the head chef of Rosie’s Cantina. “The menu reflects that we have so much more than Mexican food.”

Everything they serve is made from scratch, and they emphasize freshness over frozen food the most. The beef products are always fresh, and so are practically all of their other ingredients, especially the tortillas.

The restaurant sells over 25,000 fresh tortillas each week. They have a fancy tortilla-making machine that helps them take care of that. It also helps them with the 7,000 pounds of tortilla chips they sell each week, which is served with the 3,000 weekly gallons of salsa at all of their locations. Talk about A LOT of chips and salsa!

Their statistics are impressive, but their menu is even more. From the shrimp burritos to the raspberry salmon, there is so much to choose from at this cantina. One of their most popular items is their fajitas, which have a flavorful marinade on every ingredient and provide for an indescribable taste.

Be sure to check out Rosie’s Cantina in Huntsville!