Color Barrier Broken: Rex & St. Augustine Celebrate 50 Years

St. Augustine's Marching 100 looks back to honor 50 years of marching in Rex.

As the St. Augustine “Marching 100” marches forward through this parade season, the school takes a look back to honor an historic occasion.

This year marks the 50th Anniversary of the St. Augustine’s 1967 invitation to march in the Krewe of Rex parade. Fifty years ago, St. Augustine’s “Marching 100” was the first African-American band to march in Rex.

St. Augustine High School president/CEO Dr. Kenneth St. Charles talks about how this moment broke barriers 50 years ago. Look for the “Marching 100” on Mardi Gras Day in the Rex parade at 10 a.m. rolling along the traditional Uptown route in New Orleans.

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