A Prison You’ll Want to Break IN to

This is the country's only distillery in a former prison

When the idea of relocating into the old Mount Pleasant prison popped up at Southern Grace Distilleries, it was hard to say no. The North Carolina prison was in operation from the  1920s through 2011 and housed criminals of all types – even bootleggers. Now, it houses old-time stills, barrels of whiskey in the old dorm and tours of people hoping to get a glimpse.

Warren Foil is the tour guide for Southern Grace, and his knowledge can literally transport you back in time – whether you’re seeing the worst of humanity in one of the last standing hot boxes in the country or checking out the chapel where most tours begin.

Want to taste some whiskeys and tour Whiskey Prison? Southern Grace offers tours – including a monthly ‘after dark’ tour. Get tickets here.

Learn more about the distillery’s first bourbon whiskey, Conviction, here.