What are these painted rocks hidden all over the Place?

People are painting rocks and hiding them everywhere for others to find.

Painted rocks?  The idea is simple: get a rock, paint it and hide it, and then leave a hint on Facebook so others can find it.  It’s a trend that is popping up all across the country.

A local group in Albany, Georgia started in 2016 and has grown to over 1,200 members.  

Enthusiasts post their artwork to the group’s Facebook page, revealing a range of styles and creativity, as well as some pretty impressive talent.

You can find unicorns, elephants, dinosaurs, cartoon characters, even an homage to The Beatles, many painted in remarkable detail.

“You’re not even looking for a rock and then you see one, so the kids are excited, like, ‘Whoo!’” said one of the group’s new members, who was invited into the mix by a friend.

“It’s been painting rocks every since then,” she said. “You can find rocks all over the community, wherever you go. My little boy, five years old, picks up rocks constantly.”

People most typically use paint on the rocks, but markers will also work just fine.

“It’s very cost effective,” said the group member. “And with the heat, it’s great to paint indoors. And then on your way out – your normal errands – you go drop a rock and it’s great. Kids enjoy it, and it continues, you can continue it for all the time, not just summer.”

The group encourages people to share their finds on the Facebook page. Many of the rocks are tagged with a sticker that says, “This rock is yours to take or leave behind,” and directions to post it to the Albany GA Rocks group.

Anyone visiting the page will find an active community where users frequently post their artwork and share stories of their discoveries.

Add it all up, and it becomes a kind of constantly churning public treasure hunt.