Oysters Worth Killing for

Learn about 'Murder Point.'

There’s a saying here:  That the oysters are worth killing for.  And that’s not just an expression, but rather a statement of fact.

Murder Point Oysters derive their name from a tragic incident years ago, but they are distinct in other ways.  They are exclusively grown in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico using a long line method developed in Australia. The oysters are spawned from the species Crassostrea virginica, also known as the Eastern/American oyster. Murder Point Oysters thrive in the unique conditions off Alabama’s coastline, which produces a full, rich, creamy taste with a light metallic finish and a drop of butter in each one.

There are many elements that can affect an oyster’s outcome, but here at Murder Point the most important element is love. look for them at most fine dining restaurants. In mid July of this year they are planning to open a store on Wintzell Avenue in Bayou La Batre. For more information go to www.murderpointoysters.com