How One Amusement Park Makes its own ‘Snow’

A new upgrade to Celebration in the Oaks brings families a nightly snowfall.

New Orleans City Park made some huge upgrades to Celebration in the Oaks this year. Two of the new touches include a nightly snowfall and an expanded fire pit to roast marshmallows.

Wait, snow?

In New Orleans, people don’t get to see snow often. So we went behind-the-scenes to see how City Park’s elves create this magical snowfall.

Director of recreational services Waymon Morris says the park wanted to create something to bring families something they wouldn’t experience anywhere else.

“When we designed this, we wanted to make it something that was inclusive of everyone,” Morris said.

Guests can enjoy the snowfall nightly along with the roasted marshmallow pit in the Birthday Party Village near the back of the amusement park. The roasted marshmallow sticks cost $1 each.

For more information about Celebration in the Oaks, visit the website.

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