The No. 1 Grilling Tip according to a Pit Master

"It's not a time thing, it's a temperature thing."

Grilling season is here, and good news: Heartland Weekend found out the No. 1 grilling tip to taking your backyard BBQ game to the next level.

We caught up with Curtis Nations, the pit master for Trager Grills, at a shop class at Ace Hardware in Jackson, Missouri.

He says the key is temperature.

Every piece of meat is different and must reach a unique internal temperature.

Ideally, he says you should cook your BBQ low and slow until it reaches that ideal point.

Here is Nations’ temperature guide you can use during your next grill out.


204 to 206 degrees Fahrenheit


132  degrees Fahrenheit


155 to 160 degrees Fahrenheit

Pork Tenderloin

145 degrees Fahrenheit

Pork Chop

155 degrees Fahrenheit

Pork Shoulder/Butt

203 degrees Fahrenheit

Bonus: For your steak, tri-tip, really any type of beef, Nations says to use a reverse sear. Slowly bring your steak up to temperature. Then turn up the heat and sear it. This helps keep the moisture in.